Hemorrhoid Treatment and Colonoscopy

Hemorrhoid treatment starts with understanding the basics. Hemorrhoids, often called piles, appear when veins in the rectum enlarge from straining or pressure.

You're not alone in seeking hemorrhoid treatment. By age 50, about half of all adults have had symptoms that indicate the existence of hemorrhoids.

Luckily, hemorrhoid treatment medications and procedures are readily available. Often, you may find relief simply by learning new life habits and simple self care techniques.

Your first step is to visit a doctor that specializes in hemorrhoid treatment. Dr. Tobin Schneider can make you feel comfortable as he facilitates the understanding of your condition and the treatments available. Your treatment starts with a simple office visit.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Doctor

For over 15 years, Dr. Schneider has been helping hemorrhoid treatment patients live happier, fuller lives.

Dr. Schneider combines both expertise and his “patient first” approach to ensure the best care possible.

During your visit, Dr. Schneider will be very careful to listen to you and what you have to say. You'll feel comfortable asking questions, and will always have the right to make decisions. You'll receive straightforward explanations of what is happening that you, and what options (more)

Now is the Time For
Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society and the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons recommend colonoscopy screening for anyone over 50 years of age. This year, about 135,000 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer.   Early screening can make all the difference (more)

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