Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid treatment is usually straightforward and can be accomplished on your own with lifestyle and diet changes. Sometimes, you may be required to take medications or have surgical procedures performed in the course of your hemorrhoid treatment.

Non Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment

In mild cases, your hemorrhoid treatment options may simply include over the counter treatments and daily warm baths. There are a number of creams, pads, and ointments that Dr. Schneider can recommend for mild hemorrhoids. It is important to visit a doctor that specializes in hemorrhoid treatments even if you think that your symptoms are mild. Symptoms can often be misdiagnosed at home. There are other, more serious, conditions that can be mistaken for mild hemorrhoids if you don't visit a doctor. Click here to learn about colorectal cancer screening.

Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment

When minor hemorrhoid treatment techniques won't suffice, there are a number of other procedures available, most of which are not painful, and offer excellent probability of relief.

Below, we've outlined different types of hemorrhoid treatments available. Each one is used in different circumstances, which will be explained to you by Dr. Schneider during your visit.   

Simple Incision Hemorrhoid Treatment

When a clot has formed in external hemorrhoids, Dr. Schneider may make a simple incision, relieving the pressure quickly.

Tie Off Hemorrhoid Treatment

In this simple, virtually painless method (called rubber band ligation) , Dr Schneider ties one or two small rubber bands around the base of your internal hemorrhoid, which cuts off its circulation. Within 7 to 10 days, the hemorrhoid simply and painlessly falls off. This hemorrhoid treatment is effective in most instances, and can be performed during an office visit.

Sclerotherapy Hemorrhoid Treatment

Used to treat internal hemorrhoids that are too small to treat with rubber band ligation , and do not respond to home hemorrhoid treatment. A special chemical solution is injected by your doctor around the blood vessel to shrink and harden the hemorrhoid, which reduces swelling.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Surgery

If you have a very large hemorrhoid, or if other procedures haven't been successful, Dr. Schneider can eliminate the hemorrhoid in a procedure called hemorrhoidectomy. Most often this is done in-office under local anesthesia. Some surgery may require an outpatient visit to the hospital, after which you will be given pain medication for use during healing.

Other Rectal Conditions

Most fissures, fistulas, and perirectal abscesses can be treated in the office under local anesthesia. Some do require outpatient hospital surgery.



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